Tencent Cloud secures Cloud Security Standard

tencent cloud security standard

Tencent Cloud, the cloud arm of the largest internet company in China recently announced the acquisition of the Multi-Tier Cloud Security Standard (MTCS SS) – an international security standard necessary for the adoption of cloud computing services in Singapore.

Tencent Cloud’s latest adoption of Tier 3 MTCS SS marks a large step as it is one of the world’s first security standard that has multiple tiers and has the capacity to provide the highest level of security to enterprise cloud users around the world.

The MTCS SS was first launched in Singapore in 2013 to provide businesses with valuable insights and to better understand the level of cloud security they require. The standard assesses areas like cloud governance, cloud infrastructure, cloud operations management, cloud service administration, cloud user access, tenancy and customer isolation, data retention, liability, and disaster recovery.

The adoption of the new standard can be attributed to the expansion of the cloud platform in the IT industry. Also, Tencent Cloud currently offers service in more than 25 regions and has about 53 availability zones across the world. The company’s investment is seen as a strategy by many experts in the industry to further improve in areas like big data and artificial intelligence.