microsoft Taiwan data center

microsoft taiwan data center

Microsoft has announced that it will be building its first cloud-computing data center in Taiwan through its largest investment in the country. The fresh development is surprising considering the ongoing rift between the US and China. Microsoft will also work to enhance the security of the electronics supply chain in Taiwan.

"This is a very important day for Microsoft, as it is our biggest investment in Taiwan over the past 31 years of presence here," Microsoft Taiwan General Manager Ken Sun told a press conference. "Taiwan is a reliable partner to Microsoft as it has a complete information technology supply chain with resourceful talents. We also see cross-industry collaboration opportunities with semiconductors, telco, medical and other industries here."

The tech giant’s plans will help create 30,000 direct and indirect jobs in the country. It will additionally generate around $105 billion in economic value by 2024.

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen welcomed the announcement and said at the press event: "Taiwan has an irreplaceable edge in terms of high-end hardware manufacturing, and we are a reliable, safe partner for the U.S. and other advanced countries. Microsoft's investment is key for us to enhance our collaboration with the international community and with the U.S."

There over 60 Azure data centers all over the world. Closest of these to Taiwan are the four located in China and one in Hong Kong.