Microsoft acquires DataSense to bolster its educational services

microsoft purchases datasense platform

Microsoft acquires DataSense, a product of the educational technology company called BrightBytes. DataSense is a data management platform used to collect, integrate and report information from across a range of online education applications and services. Microsoft aims to integrate this functionality into its Azure cloud business. DataSense manages data for “millions” of students across “hundreds” of school districts, BrightBytes claims.

“We’re excited to begin the process of integrating DataSense technology into our products for schools, providing a single, more secure, Microsoft-based service that will unlock the power of data analytics for schools,” said Steve Liffick, General Manager of Education Strategy and Platforms at Microsoft. “We believe this school-controlled, secure starting point in Azure will make it easier to use analytics to help improve student outcomes, while also servicing the typical data transfer and management needs of a school or district IT team.” He also assured that the current BrightBytes customers won’t experience any disruption in service.

BrightBytes, who has been a Microsoft partner for years, is also the creator of Clarity – a decision support platform used by at least 25,000 schools globally, according to the company. Clarity uses machine learning, predictive analytics, and psychometrics to visualize student data across research-based frameworks.

“We are excited about the global acceleration this sale provides to our mission,” BrightBytes CEO Traci Burgess said in a statement. “Schools around the world will benefit greatly from capabilities across data integration, interoperability, and provisioning.”

Microsoft’s DataSense buy expands on its recent acquisition of Flipgrid – a leading video discussion platform for educators, students, and families. In January, the tech giant picked JP and Lenovo to help launch Windows 10 S devices for the educational market while also releasing new Office 365 learning tools for students.