Adobe announces updates for its Document Cloud

microsoft cloud office365 pdf

Building on their previous partnership related to Adobe Sign, Microsoft and Adobe will be further collaborating to implement Adobe’s PDF services to Microsoft Office 365. Adobe announced the updates to Adobe Document Cloud with the enhancements in its products including their Adobe Sign, Adobe Scan and the new PDF format integration with Microsoft Office 365.

Ashley Still, Vice President and General Manager, Digital Media, Adobe, said in a statement “Adobe and Microsoft are integrating best-in-class cloud services to meet the needs of today's agile and rapidly evolving workforce.”

The new service integrated to Office 365 will be available from the ribbon inside web versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This will allow the users to convert documents into PDF’s without losing their font choices, format, layouts and password protections. Additionally, Adobe Scan, the scanning and text recognition tool introduced a new feature that turns business cards into digital contacts on phones. Adobe is also integrating its PDF services to OneDrive and SharePoint.

Adobe signature was the first major collaboration between the companies that was well received by the industry. Integration of E-sign into Office 365 has enabled a huge workforce working with digital documents in getting fast and secure signatures that are processed by the Document cloud.

Adobe and Microsoft are increasingly working in tandem to deliver a superior workforce productivity improving upon digital document experiences.