Intel is collaborating with Alibaba for a new edge computing platform

intel alibaba for edge computing

In its Annual Computing Conference 2018, Alibaba announced that it will be working with Intel to launch a joint edge computing platform.  The platform will be applied for industrial manufacturing and smart buildings. The product will be integrating Intel’s hardware, software and its AI to Alibaba’s Cloud IoT products.

Both companies are coming together to collaborate on other things like using Intel’s latest technology with Alibaba for the upcoming 11/11 shopping day in China. During this shopping festival, Alibaba will be trying out Intel’s Xeon Scalable processors and Optane DC persistent memory. They will further also work together to cater to the content demand for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Navin Shenoy, Intel’s EVP and data center group general manager said in a statement that the alliance between the two tech giants will enable “real-time insight for customers from the clod to the edge”. He further said that the collaboration with Alibaba will benefit the customers “from a broad set of workload-optimized solutions.”

The companies have said that they are teaming up to boost “data-centric computing” in their latest but they have a lot of other projects in the pipeline that they are collaborating on