Indian IT leaders are still wary of cloud adoption due to security concerns

indian leaders cloud adoption security

In the highly connected world we live in, the cloud security segment is continuously evolving as companies around the world are migrating to the cloud. Industries are now at high risk due to data being hosted at subscribers' end. This, in turn, has put the subscribers at risk. Recent reports suggest more than a 70percent of businesses around the world are now operating in the cloud. This is quite plausible as the number of benefits the business can gain access to via the cloud is incredible.

The cloud platforms tend to provide lower fixed costs, increased collaboration, freedom to work from anywhere, higher flexibility, and automatic software updates. In recent years, there has been a spike in cloud adoption, and it has become an integral part of an enterprise’s IT strategy. While we know that cloud security is an important factor to address, we must also equally pay attention to other challenges as well. More than 69 percent of Indian IT leaders have stated that data management and data migration are also very challenging. Even though many industries are actively adopting the cloud, many are trying their best to cope with the cost fluctuation caused by the irregularity in data centers and security concerns.