IBM announces two major cloud deals

ibm new cloud deals

IBM has announced that it will be entering into a strategic partnership with telecom giant Vodafone. The strategic commercial collaboration between the two companies will see its clients gain from the integration of multiple clouds and the “digital transformation enabled by AI, 5G, edge and Software Defined Networking (SDN).

The agreement valued at $550 million, will see IBM provide managed services for Vodafone’s cloud and hosting unit. The companies are due to collaborate for the next eight years. IBM’s Chairman and CEO, Ginni Rometty said: “Together, IBM and Vodafone will use the power of the hybrid cloud to securely integrate critical business applications, driving business innovation – from agriculture to next-generation retail.

IBM also entered into a $325 million deal with Juniper Networks that will see IBM working on Juniper Networks’ on-premises and cloud infrastructure. Under the seven-year deal, IBM will use Watson with IBM Services to manage the networking giant’s support systems that will include data centers, help desks, data and voice networks.

IBM’s expertise will help Juniper Networks derive more value from its existing infrastructure and help it manage strategic services that are critical to its business. “In working with IBM Services, we will be able to collaborate with them on innovative solutions for our cloud-first business model,” said Bob Worrall, Juniper Networks’ Chief Information Officer.