IBM launches its new enterprise platform z15

ibm launches z15 enterprise platform

IBM has launched its new IBM z15TM enterprise platform which is capable of delivering the ability to manage the privacy of customer data across hybrid multi-cloud environments. IBM’s clients will now be able to make use of the platform to give selective access to data through policy-based controls. The platform can also revoke access across the hybrid cloud.

The relevance of the platform is paramount as the adoption of the hybrid multi-cloud environments is seeing massive growth. Maintaining the data security and privacy is of importance in such a scenario.

Key innovations in the z15 include:

  • Encryption everywhere: the z15 can encrypt data everywhere including across multi-cloud environments. The clients get to gain complete control over how their data is stored and shared
  • Cloud-Native development:gives clients the upper hand by evolving how they “modernize apps in place, build new cloud-native apps” and securely integrate workloads
  • Instant Recovery: limits the cost and impact of “planned and unplanned downtime”

IBM said that the z15 is a “culmination” of over four years of development and over 3,000 IBM Z patents (issued or in process). IBM has received input from over 100 companies for the z15.