Huawei signs deal with Russia’s Sberbank

huawei cloud russia sberbank

Russia’s Sberbank’s cloud platform SberCloud has granted the Chinese tech giant Huawei access to its SberCloud in a recent deal where the duo plans to launch an enterprise cloud services platform in the country.

Huawei’s quarrel with the US has almost compromised its stance on American soil. Hence the new partnership will be a huge gain for Huawei and can be marked as its entry into the Russian market on a large scale, as the country has over 90 million users.

This new relationship can be considered as the end result of talks between Chinese and Russian governments and several Chinese telecom giants have been forging relationships with Russian companies for many years now.

Also, this is the first partnership on this scale between Russian and international cloud providers. The new cloud platform will enable a new line of basic (IaaS) and high-level (PaaS) cloud services in the country. This will help SberCloud clients to create new IT infrastructures of any complexity in the cloud, work with big data, manage cloud containerization, and even manage apps.

Recently Huawei signed another agreement with Russia’s major telecom operator to build the first 5G network in Russia.

Russia currently has its own self-built tech ecosystem where Sberbank plays a key role. And the bank was also an early investor in Yandex – which is known as Russia’s Google. Although the bank sold its stakes in 2019, it remains a major partner in the company.