Google’s Blockchain Partnerships Will Strengthen its Cloud Services

google partners digital asset

Google announces its partnership with the Digital Asset, a New York-based Startup who develops tools to build blockchain apps. Digital Asset is the second blockchain company that Google collaborates with this month. BlockApps being the first, will help Google users build decentralized apps.

Google aims to infuse blockchain technology into its cloud services, and the company announces, to its cloud customers, in a blog post, that they can start exploring distributed ledger technology frameworks made available by Digital Asset and BlockApps.

The company also said that it would allow open-source integrations for Ethereum and Hyperledger platforms-based apps, later this year, in the Google Cloud Product marketplace. However, more details regarding the same will be unveiled in the Google Next ’18 Event happening this week.

Digital Assets’ CEO Blythe Masters writes in a blog post, that this collaboration will expose the company and its products to a much wider audience of developers across different industry segments. In exchange, Google gains an early and free access to its software, he added.

This move could be Google’s attempt to outshine its biggest rivalries Microsoft and Amazon in Cloud Services. Currently, Microsoft’s Azure and Amazon Web Services hold more market share than Google Cloud.  

Google has always had an interest in blockchain for several years and is one of the active corporate investors. This partnership will give Google developers access to smart contracts’ coding. And, later down the line, the blockchain apps they build could serve companies or consumers.