Google Cloud starts its operations in new Seoul region

google cloud new seoul region

Google Cloud recently announced that it has now expanded its services and opened a platform in the new Seoul region. The new Seoul region will have three availability zones to offer assistance and support for all of Google Cloud’s standard service.

Google Cloud’s services will range from Compute Engine to BigQuery, Bigtable, and Cloud Spanner. With a new platform set up in the new Seoul region, Google Cloud is now present in 16 countries and caters to 21 regions with a total of 64 zones.

Although, the platform in the Seoul region will complement other Google Cloud platforms set up in other regions in the area including two in Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. But the main focus of the new Seoul region is to serve Korean companies with low-latency access to its cloud services.

About the new Seoul region’s Google Cloud platform, the CTO of Netmarble, Chang-Whan Sul said: “As South Korea’s largest gaming company, we’re partnering with Google Cloud for game development, infrastructure management, and to infuse our operations with business intelligence. Google Cloud’s region in Seoul reinforces its commitment to the region and we welcome the opportunities this initiative offers our business.”

This year, Google Cloud is also looking forward to opening more zones and regions in Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, and Jakarta.