EA launching test trial for its cloud gaming service

ea cloud gaming service test

EA has announced the test trial for its cloud gaming service Project Atlas. The test trial will be open for participation from tonight 10 PM PT/1 AM ET.

The announcement came as a surprise. Those who have signed up for the Community Playtesting will get to experience EA’s gaming service first hand. These lucky gamers will be able to play FIFA 19, Need for Speed Rivals, Titanfall 2, and Unravel. The gamers’ progress will be saved in any device they are playing on.

The progression is exactly what EA will be keeping an eye on as it opens the testing. EA will in addition look to monitor where the jitter, lag and other issues crop up during this test trial. EA is looking to plug any issues that crop up using AWS and the public cloud. The company will also look to place the servers closer to the gamers to improve the experience and the reliability of the gaming service.

As a product though, it is unclear on when EA plans to release Project Atlas. Gamers all over the world are eagerly awaiting the release of the promised cloud gaming services. Google’s Stadia is expected to release sometime in November and Microsoft Project xCloud is going to hold its public trials sometime in October.