Reports from Motilal Oswal suggests that Indian firms are leaning towards the cloud for digital transformation

digital transformation motilal oswal firms

According to the latest reports published by Motilal Oswal, in the current world scenario, the demand for digital transformation through the cloud is rising rapidly for Indian IT services companies. Digital transformation is gaining immense traction where there is a heightened need for it across various enterprises due to the new contactless business model. This adoption has forced companies to rapidly deploy digital transformation solutions. The reports state that cloud solutions will lead the ongoing change, and it will provide a seamless experience to private, hybrid, and public cloud, and SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS landscapes.

Companies are viewing this new change as a shift and the beginning of a new upgradation cycle, which will eventually give rise to newer opportunities. Tech giant TCS also had reported that they are entering FY22 with better visibility and growth momentum when compared to the previous fiscal. This magnanimous growth is due to the robust deals in its pipeline. Rajesh Gopinath, CEO, and MD of TCS, has stated that new capabilities can be explored with this latest upgradation. Infosys is also certain that cloud-based solutions will be the key investment areas for companies because the entire organization structure is changing. The road ahead looks promising, and cloud technology is expected to be the center of change for almost every organization globally.