Amazon’s cloud business steps into a new venture

amazon obtained sqrrl

Amazon’s cloud business procured a cybersecurity start-up Sqrrl. The motif behind this acquisition is to obtain more business from U.S. intelligence agencies. AWS in November announced that a "secret" region of data centers meant to handle computing and data storage jobs from those clients will be formed.

"We will be joining the Amazon Web Services family, and we're looking forward to working together on customer offerings for the future," Sqrrl said in a message posted to its homepage. As mentioned by CNBC, AWS already forges ahead with $1.17 billion in operating income and $4.58 billion in the third quarter. In August AWS acquired and released a product based on the technology of a start-up

Sqrrl elevated capital from Spring Lake Equity Partners, Matrix Partners, Rally Ventures and Accomplice. Sqrrl was founded by Accumulo, a database software which was developed by Sqrrl with the tie up of NSA as mentioned by the start-up’s website.

The company’s data sheet mentioned that Sqrrl consumes and fuses diverse security datasets, including network traffic logs, DNS logs, proxy data, user directory and identity information, external intelligence feeds, and customer transactions.