Amazon Cloud Service’s next venture is Employee Training

amazon cloud employee training

Amazon’s latest venture is to enter the employee training market with its cloud service. Amazon is planning to launch a specialized new service on its cloud platform targeted for employee training. Amazon Web Services cloud computing unit would enable companies to set up learning programs for workers and provide educational content.

While some speculate that the new service from Amazon is still in the phase of consideration, others believe that it’s already in the developmental stages. There are job postings that suggest that the program is happening. Last year, Amazon had published the job opening on LinkedIn.

For Employees

The employee training program was born from a project at Amazon to develop a training platform for its own employees. Amazon apparently decided to design and build its own training platforms after finding that none of the existing offerings on the market suited its needs. What started out as an in-house need is now rolling out into a commercial product.

Although employee training is completely different from what AWS offers, the new venture will certainly be beneficial for Amazon. Moreover, this program could align with the company’s massive aggressive expansion strategy.