Amazon’s Cloud Cam Footage Reviewed by workers

amazon cloud cam privacy

There have been reports of Amazon listening to people-talking over the past year but it is being reported that human reviewers are also looking at Amazon’s Cloud Cam footage now.

Recent reports have revealed that teams from India and Romania review the video footage from Amazon’s in-home security camera to train the camera’s artificial intelligence.

The Cloud Cam can cost around $120 and can send notifications to a user when it sees motion. The latest action stands in wide contrast with the other audio leaks because in the previous cases it was revealed that Amazon used to train its voice assistant without seeking permission from the users and it is the same with all the major tech giants like Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft. But in the Cloud Cam scenario, Amazon only takes video clips that are submitted by users voluntarily for troubleshooting.

Although the Cloud Cam reviews were reviewed, it feels like Amazon is going too easy with its privacy measures and the company will have to take up serious policies to assure the users of the same. Because it was revealed that despite tight security some of the videos were shared by the employees.

“We take privacy seriously and put Cloud Cam customers in control of their video clips,” stated Amazon spokesperson Leigh Nakanishi. “Only customers can view their clips, and they can delete them at any time by visiting the Manage My Content and Devices page,” he added.

Amazon has a ‘feedback’ option in the Cloud Cam app that lets users share a video clip of their choice with Amazon to improve their service.