SAP SE elects Christian Klein to Executive Board

christianklein new member to executiveboard

SAP SE appointed Christian Klein for SAP Executive Board which is effective from Jan, 2018. Klein is Chief Operating Officer (COO) who will protract the present role. In Global Business Operations, the new board area Klein will continue working on enterprise-wide to build a high-performance IT organization as well as to achieve closer integration among all board areas.

The aim is to set the course for its transition to a cloud company and digital transformation. To create a stronger firm to make speedy decisions, showing flexibility and internal agility and also to be ready for the tussles in the changing technology industry is the main purpose.

"With Christian Klein, we have a proven expert for this major responsibility," said Professor Hasso Plattner, chairman of the Supervisory Board of SAP SE. "He knows SAP very well. Despite his youth, he has the necessary background to make our organization and processes even faster, more efficient and ready for future challenges. His appointment is further evidence that SAP identifies young talent internally at an early stage and promotes them to management roles."

 "I look forward to driving consistent, continual digital transformation at SAP. The experience we gain on this journey benefits us, but ultimately benefits all our customers, who are also transforming to stay competitive in a digital future,” said Klein