Bye-Bye Fingers and Hello Faces is the new way to unlock iPhone X

bye bye fingers and hello faces is the new way to unlock iphone x

Apple has just launched the new iPhone X, with full edge-to-edge screen and no Home button, doing away with the Touch Id. And so, Apple has unveiled a new way to unlock your phone and that is by using your face. The new Face ID, as Apple calls it, is the latest secure way to unlock your phones by just looking at it.

If you’re wondering how exactly this will work, here it is. The new iPhone X takes a 3D scan of your face from all angles the first time you use the phone. It then saves that scan of your face inside the iPhone X’s secure enclave hardware chip and compares it when you want to unlock your phone.

Apple has come out with brand new hardware to capture the 3D facial map. This includes a dot projector, traditional front-facing camera, flood illuminator and infrared camera. In addition, Apple has also said that you can use this feature to use Apple Pay and other third party apps as well. For instance, you can use Face ID for financial apps, such as a bank’s app or Mint.

The Security Issue

However, although the new Face ID is all cool in many perspectives, a lot of questions concerning the security has popped up. However, looking into all the specs that Apple has laid out, Face ID should be secure enough.