Bring data to life in wearable technology – Insight into BIGdata hackathon

bring data to life in wearable technology insight into bigdata hackathon

Finally after days of hard work by around 127 Credit Suisse employees and contractors at BIGdata Hackathon, some relevant and creative solutions are disclosed regarding the wearable technology. More than 27 teams participated from Credit Suisse locations in Raleigh, North Carolina, New York, and Wroclaw, Poland, says Andrew Borg, head of innovation projects for Group CTO at Credit Suisse.  For the easy management of data the company had even worked out a self-provisioning virtual machine environment to serve as a “data sandbox” which enabled the teams to gather and work precisely on their own data.

Platforms like this enable the organizations to bring in new innovations, discover new technologies and applications and to deploy them. According to the authorities the participation rate was so high that there was even a waiting list for the same.  

With the growth of Internet of Things and its impact on the smart devices and services, organizations are trying to find applications which can improve their operations.  This idea of usable data is something corporations will need to pay more attention to as the devices used with the organization generate increasing amounts of it in varying formats — requiring a normalization process and applications to draw insights.

The company even introduced the participants to 2 petabytes of normalized data to make understand how important is to analyze the big data. And from the competitors they have already selected one team from each location that well depicted how wearable technology could be useful.