Farming is easy with Glas Data

glas data for farmers

We all get enough food on the planet, thanks to the world but still; people are dying without food. Apparently, 815 million are still yearning for food according to the reports revealed by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (UN).

A new app is at your service farmers! “Glas Data” works with the mantra ‘you can’t manage what you don’t measure’. This new big data software was introduced by Falmouth University’s Launchpad programme and Robert Sanders, Co-founder said “This technology permits more measurement of the soil and humidity say, lands can be supervised with drones. But that data is seldom cross-platform, integrated into one simple to use, reasonably priced app, and the data gathering seldom fits with the farmer’s workflow.”

You get affordable precise farming because via Glas Data app you can collect, combine, and interpret data that will refine farm efficiency, output, and profit. This application will assimilate data, lab test results and benchmarking. When data builds farmers can elevate production and also can maintain records and collect data in many ways.

The present precision farming is costly and at poor quality notes Glas Data. The application is available for free to motivate take up and also for more data and options from one farmer to myriad of them.