Wonder how big data is of high-priority to curtail wide corruption?

bigdata to reduce china corruption

Chinese experts brought in big data technologies to restrain corrupt government officials. Mei Hong, the vice president of the Beijing Institute of Technology and a fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers said in an interview that applying big data to curb corruption has a promising future.

“Big data will be the most powerful weapon to combat corruption, as it can be used as a surgical strike against corruption activities,” Zhuang Deshui, deputy director of Peking University's Research Center for Government Integrity-Building, told the Global Times.

Mei mentioned that this technology can be helpful in two situations one is, it aids investigators and supervision authorities detect surmise corruption cases and the other is to provide prior caution of corrupt activities.

Xi Jinping, Chinese President has requested the country to embrace big data for a better country by serving social and economic development and revamp people’s lives mentioned the Xinhua News Agency.

“Privacy rights should not get in the way of implementing such monitoring, as these officials hold great public powers, their income and financial activities cannot be seen as private,” Zhuang said.