AWS Launches Cloud9, a Browser-based IDE

aws launches cloud9

Amazon Web Services has launched a browser-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and calls it Cloud 9. It will be used by developers for writing, running, and debugging code. The launch was announced nearly a year after Amazon acquired the IDE startup Cloud9. It has been helping AWS compete with IDE offerings from other cloud providers.

The AWS Cloud9 has mainly three parts in it.

  • The Ace Editor: It includes a variety of IDE features for quick coding
  • Collaboration Tools
  • AWS Integration: This includes the Lambda functions for serverless development

What makes AWS Cloud9 unique, as the company stresses, it allows for collaborative editing and it’s also deeply integrated into the AWS ecosystem. There are also pre-installed debugging tools inside Cloud9. The tools mentioned here come with built-in support for languages including JavaScript, Python, PHP, and a whole list of others.

The launch was made during Amazon’s re:Invent conference. In a keynote speech by AWS CTO Werner Vogels pointed out that in these changing times, security is more than important. He expressed that there are more languages than before leading to a collaborative experience. “If you develop in this sort of fast-changing development environment, you need help,” he added.