AWS bolsters its Hybrid Storage

aws bolsters its hybrid storage

Amazon is looking for ways to redefine its hybrid cloud story. AWS is quite popular and almost dominates the public cloud services. But when it comes to hybrid storage, it seems be a little behind. On the other hand, Microsoft Azure is ruling the market with Azure Stack. And now, Amazon is fixed to change that.

In the year 2016, the file gateway debuted. The new offering from AWS is storage gateway’s file and gateway services that can run on Microsoft Hyper-V 2008 R2 and 2012. The storage gateway is AWS’ tool for making S3 accessible natively from a virtualized environment. VMs can read from or write to S3, Glacier and EBS snapshots as if it is just another storage resource. Now, it has enabled for Hyper-V too, across all AWS regions.

AWS wants as many users as possible to consider and use cloud storage services. And it keeps finding ways to make sure that happens. One such is that it is extending the file gateway to Hyper-V. Another brilliant move done by it is releasing it on Microsoft’s virtualization platform. And that too, before the release of Azure Stack’s debut. This ensures AWS to make a point to Hyper-V users that don’t necessarily need any flavor of Azure.

With this, AWS is trying to make a stronghold. The users of Hyper-V get another option. Now we all have to wait and see who will dominate and shake things up!