Aurora Serverless Database Service from AWS

aws aurora serverless database

Amazon today marked an important announcement at its re:Invent Conference. AWS’ cloud computing division will be releasing a new service called the Aurora Serverless. It is easy, cheap, and extremely fast to launch relational databases that don’t require data process continuously.

The striking feature of the serverless database is that the processing is separated from data storage. Also, the users only need to pay for the processing when the database is actually some work and for the storage. Considering that storage is cheap, this comes as a huge bonus to the users’ pockets.

AWS plans to launch the service next year and promises more details and specifications at its launch. Aurora Serverless was in fact, built on top of AWS’ existing Aurora database system. This was basically equivalent to a serverless event-driven computing platform.

For now, users will have to make do with the preview. But once it does go live, users can get access to an on-demand, serverless relational database that comes with the provision to scale up and down easily. While most databases that are in use today require the developer to spin up a machine to do it, Aurora Serverless will do everything for you.