Robotic arm designed in China to protect lives from coronavirus

robotic arm china coronavirus

The ongoing coronavirus outbreak has created an environment of fear and panic, leaving a profound impact on everything from business to life.

Considering the pace at which the deadly coronavirus is rapidly spreading across the globe, human efforts to combat the virus and keep the situation under control seems to be futile. This is when researchers have thought to utilize the advantages offered by technological advancements.

The researchers at one of the China’s top universities have designed a robot that can help save lives during the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. The machine consists of a robotic arm on wheels that can perform ultrasounds, take mouth swabs, and listen to sounds of patient’s organs, which is usually done with a stethoscope.

About the robot, its chief designer who is a professor at Tsinghua University, Zheng Gangtie said:  “Doctors are all very brave. But this virus is just too contagious ... We can use robots to perform the most dangerous tasks.”

Now, the team has two robots which have been trialed by doctors at a hospital in Beijing. One of the robots is still at the team’s lab at the university, but the other robot is at the Wuhan Union Hospital, where the doctors have started imparting training to use it.

If the robot works as per the expectations, then it may be put to use on coronavirus patients in Wuhan. In addition to it, the robot will be accompanied by a nurse or other member of staff on its ward rounds.