An AI-based Virtual Assistant for Seoul’s Citizens

ibm ai virtual assistant for seoul

IBM and the City of Seoul, South Korea have collaborated to launch an AI-based virtual assistant for Seoul’s citizens. The virtual assistant is part of the city’s “I Care You” project and is being launched using IBM Watson Assistant. The virtual assistant is designed to assess daily life and difficulties that the citizens are experiencing due to the pandemic.

"Through this survey using an AI-based virtual assistant, we have an opportunity to understand the situation and social problems of citizens due to COVID-19," said Seon-Ae Jeong, the Director-General of Seoul Innovation. "This collaboration with IBM is a meaningful example of a public-private partnership. In the future, the results will be utilized to help develop various policies in Seoul City."

The survey by the AI-based virtual assistant will help perform categorization and analysis of the gathered information to help the city’s policymakers. The survey is being done through the website of the city of Seoul as well as through its social media channels. All citizens from the city can take part in the survey. The survey consists of questions related to health, problems with isolation or environmental factors leading to vulnerabilities.