China’s AI Startup SenseTime offers free online learning

ai startup sensetime e learning corona

The outbreak of the 2019-nCoV has left several million Chinese students confined to their homes and an AI startup called SenseTime is offering these students self-developed education tools online for free.

The online AI learning program offers a variety of open classes and experimental tool kits for programming. According to the company, they are also providing distance learning training for teachers free of charge.

Earlier this month, the Chinese Education Ministry had issued a call to help for 180 million students across the country. As of now, the schools have postponed the upcoming spring semester until further notice as the Chinese authorities are asking people to stay home to curb the spread of the virus.

Through the platform, students will be able to access to AI and programming knowledge and even conduct interactive experiments through python-based coding tasks. Additionally, the company is providing a series of online videos on topics like AI and robotics to open classes for college students to keep informed on emerging industry trends.

This is the first time SenseTime is making the education program free across the country. In the last semester, a basic AI education curriculum developed by the company was adopted by 250 schools in mainland China. The nationwide learning program aims to empower students with “AI knowledge and mentality” and enable them to solve problems using AI, stated SenseTime.