Adobe announces new AI feature for its products, including Lightroom

adobe enhance details feature

Adobe shows how AI can help fill in details in digital pictures using a new feature it introduced for its suite of photo-editing apps called Enhance. The new feature uses machine learning to artificially improve the resolution and picture quality of zoomed-in images. It claims to increase the resolution of some images by up to 30 percent.

The feature, named Enhance Details, adds machine learning to a process called ‘demosaicing’ – during which the camera adds color to the initial monochrome file. With the new feature, Adobe trains a demosaicing algorithm on a huge data set of more than 1 billion sample images for it to learn the best way to color images and thus improving the picture quality.

The feature, made possible by Adobe’s AI platform Sensei, works on nearly any raw image file, especially on X-Trans and Bayer raw mosaic files, to improve fine detail and coloring. Even so, Enhance Details may not be the perfect solution for every photograph; for the reason that the feature will do well only in computers using the latest operating systems and faster GPUs.

Adobe isn’t the only company to try out AI in photography and of course, it’s not the first AI tool the firm has experimented with. However, it’s still significant that Adobe is building this service into its hugely popular products such as Adobe Camera Raw, Lightroom Classic CC, and Lightroom CC for Mac and Windows.