Apple’s autonomous automobile to be rolled out in the Street of California: A hoax or a docking realism

apples autonomous automobile to be rolled out in the street of california a hoax or a docking realism

Speculations surrounded as with what features iphone 8 shall be embodied, and to everyone’s awe the company, Apple has been secretly (now no more secret) was envisioning, wait for it, self-driving car.

The California Department of Motor Vehicle has included Apple in their updated version of list of the companies allowed to test autonomous vehicles in California. According to the permit, it shall allow conducting test drives in three vehicles with six drivers, and the vehicles are all 2015 Lexus RX450h.

So does this mean we will see Apple transportation on the street?

Not particularly, it seems, they are more interested in garnering software or hardware operating system conglomerating with autonomous technology. But with test drives approved, the company can definitely bill on real-driving vehicles in the near future at some point.

"The company is investing heavily in the study of machine learning and automation, and is excited about the potential of automated systems in many areas, including transportation," Steve Kenner, Apple's director of product integrity, said. This was on the context with Apple denying that they never wrote to U.S. NHTSA on the subject of regulating self-driving vehicles.

But what has intrigued the tech gurus is that what if Apple has already planned to use the hi-tech to use for third-party cars, say their technology used in some conveyance industry.