Amazon Contemplates Virtual Reality in Its Retail Furniture Stores

amazon contemplates virtual reality in its retail furniture stores

The e-commerce gargantuan which is soon opening grocery and book stores is apparently planning on opening appliances and furniture stores with a slight technological twist.
Imagine you wanna buy a new bed and while your shopping for the same in Amazon furniture store, you spot a fancy bed with all the things you are looking for but shoot… you don’t know how this elegant bed will look in your bedroom or will it go along with the rest of your bedroom’s furniture . No worries, because Amazon has good news for you to solve this dilemma.
Before u scratch your head over what is it, let me tell you, it is not entirely new! Yes the technology Amazon is considering is Virtual Reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), which is already present in gaming industry, with games using VR and AR to enhance gaming experience however VR and AR are still toddlers in other fields.
Now Amazon is angling something amazing. A report from the New York Times says that the MNC will use augmented reality or virtual reality to see how items would look in perspective buyers own home, making it easier to take a stand on that new wardrobe or coffee table.
This would certainly save a lot of returns and confusions; cool right!!