Alexa sounds great on the new Sonos speaker

amazon alexa on sonos device

Often times, Echo users hardly use the device to listen to music as it sounds terrible! But with the launch of Sonos One, it becomes distinctly clear and Alexa sounds good now. If you’re using the Echo for the usual smart home tricks, then it’s great. But if you’re looking for some nice music playing smart device, Sonos One is right for you.

It comes at $199 and you can ask the device for weather, have it control your smart home, or command it to start blaring your latest playlist by calling out “Alexa.” The new Sonos One has everything integrated, where Alexa wakes on command and the music is just perfect.

For instance, Alexa on the Sonos device will pause, skip tracks, adjust volume, or tell you what song or artist is playing. If you simply say, “Alexa, play Davichi,” you’ll hear the familiar robotic voice speak back from within a Sonos shell.

Also, the new Sonos One is almost just like Sonos Play:1. Of course, Sonos has completely redesigned the insides of the device. It has incorporated the voice services and requisite six-microphone array. But there is some really good stuff like excellent audio quality, good voice microphones, seamless integration with existing Sonos systems, and a wide selection of music services to stream for $199.