All Backup and Sync from Google Drive

all backup and sync from google drive

You now have an ultimate backup tool from Google Drive. Anyone who has been looking for a bit more flexibility in backing up files or syncing their apps, Google has something in store for you. The upgrade is called Backup and Sync. Google Drive users will no longer need to rely on files simply being stored in Drive folder. Instead, with the new upgrade, it will now be able to monitor and backup files inside any folder including desktop and the entire documents folder.

However, it is still unclear how much one will be able to do with the new expandable feature. For instance, the usual opening and editing files will remain the same within the Drive. However, whether it will be able to sync these new files back down to multiple other computers, using Google Drive as an intermediary platform is something that is yet to be tested. The new app is expected to roll out by the end of this month and will be available on both Mac and PC.                

The Best Option

Users have been requesting Dropbox to add similar features like this for ages. But, Dropbox is way behind and Google seems to be making it clear that it is the best option for the people to use. It is a smart move and seems pretty handy. But of course like all things, there are few drawbacks. The free Drive storage is capped at 15 GB. So, once you’ve reached that limit (which won’t be taking long if you’re going to back up all your files) you’ll need to pay for the extended storage. But considering how important your data is, the move is a welcome one, especially for business firms. Whether you’re a small or large business firm, losing your data could mean end of it all. And so backing up data in a cloud has become a necessity.

The new Backup and Sync app is expected to replace both the Google Drive and Google Photos Backup app, eventually. But till then, Google has recommended that users stick to Google Drive for the time being.